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You've finally found a reliable yacht provisioner to service you around the globe.

We work directly with the mega yacht crew, managers, personnel, and owners to ensure that the vessel is stocked with the highest quality produce, ingredients, and interior needs.

Over 350 mega yachts trust and rely on Shoreside Support in big cities, remote destinations, and anywhere in-between.

This is why we are…

The Global Leader in Mega Yacht Provisioning

This is why we are…

The Global Leader in Mega Yacht Provisioning

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Diverse fleet of aircrafts capable of delivering to all major Bahamian destinations
Air-Shoreside allows for flexible delivery schedules throughout the Caribbean

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Shoreside Makes The Galley More Productive

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do. They are integrated into our daily work and help us to remember our customers always come first, the last thank you should always come from us.



Shoreside Support has consistently been a company that makes yachting more great, more modern, and more efficient. Shoreside distinguishes itself from competitors with a personal touch on every delivery and most importantly an unparalleled ability to deliver anywhere in the world. Tommy and his team always make you feel like a VIP client and they deliver premium quality to match. Way to go! 

Shoreside Support have never let me down over the years. They have made miracles happen in the Med, Caribbean, and all over the USA. They communicate extremely well and have top quality products… you can tell they care!





Tommy and his team have been essential to Yacht Arience. Being such a busy last-minute vessel, Shoreside Support has come through with every request we have thrown their way throughout America, the Caribbean and Europe. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the team at Shoreside Support. The name says it all really!

His season has been one of our most challenging so far. Beginning with The America’s Cup event in Bermuda with multiple high profile parties and dinners on board. We cruised the Bahamas, New York, New England, South Florida, Panama, and beyond. Tommy kept us provisioned with the highest quality products, personally flying in to oversee the deliveries, and constantly staying in communication via WhatsApp and email. It is a real bonus to have this level of personal attention as he fully understands that plans are constantly changing in the super yacht industry.


M/Y VAVA II, 97m Devonpor



Since being introduced to Tommy & the Shoreside Support team, we have used them in Europe, USA and the Caribbean with great success. The quality, produce and attention to detail paired with their quoting and invoicing makes this a delicious relationship.

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As a head chef on a large motor yacht that has a global itiner- ary it is imperative to have confidence in the supplier I choose to use. Tommy and his team go the extra mile, especially when the boat is in weird, wonderful and remote locations such as Cuba and Alaska. Many unforeseen issues can arise when attempting to provision in these locations, but Shoreside elimi- nates these possibilities!
I am always able to get in contact Tommy where ever in the world he may be and typically receive a response within minutes. A very personal and professional approach to the task at hand. There is no question in my mind Shoreside Support are always seeking ways to improve the service they provide.


M/Y Here Comes The Sun, 84m Amels


M/Y HOME, 50m Heesen

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For me, as a chef, Shoreside Support are the ideal provisioners. They are incredibly flexible and are never surprised or ruffled by the continuous change of plans. Tommy is even online for me to talk to after service in the evening to discuss upcoming orders and he always runs through everything through the last detail to make sure it will be exactly right. They will do absolutely anything and everything to get you your order, no matter where you are. The meat and seafood program is the best quality, and yet the prices ring in at less than the other provisioners.
I am also able to get incredible quality crew food that doesn’t break the bank, which of course keeps everyone happy! I’d like to thank Tommy for always going out of his way and putting 110% into delivering my orders. If you are sick of dealing with provisioners who always push you to the back of the que because you are not the biggest boat, have given up on customer service because they are such a large company, then perhaps you should try Shoreside Support, who always go that extra mile and will treat you like you are the only boat out there! The pride that tommy has in his company really shines with his care, attention to detail and reliability.
As a Head Chef of a busy, world cruising charter program, I have many last minute needs. I trust Shoreside Support across the globe because of their service, quality, pricing and communication. They have came to the rescue while we were in tough situations in Europe, the Caribbean and the USA.


50m Feadship


M/Y Bacarella, 60m Trinity

I have been comfortable to rely on Tommy anytime, anywhere in order to source the highest quality products in a timely fashion. Shoreside Support’s flexibility, product quality and communication guarantee that I always get the products and tools necessary to please every guest.

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I am convinced that Shoreside Support offers the highest quality service and the best quality products for a yacht galley. Several points that I would like to highlight: Quotes… a headache for every chef! Special thanks to Shoreside for preparing them in such short notice. Attention to detail, price, transparency and the absence of any problems at all. Personal Care – They took me on tours of their facilities, suppliers, and farms. Excellent quality fresh produce.
Fresh fish and seafoods from Fulton Fish Market in NYC: the best quality I have had on this side of the world! Straight from NYC with no shipping fees. Portioned, packaged, labeled in perfect fashion. Shoreside was always on time for deliveries and even offered a full selection of Halal products! Every cent spent with Shoreside has double the value with satisfaction of the guests and myselfFresh fish and seafoods from Fulton Fish Market in NYC: the best quality I have had on this side of the world! Straight from NYC with no shipping fees. Portioned, packaged, labeled in perfect fashion. Shoreside was always on time for deliveries and even offered a full selection of Halal products! Every cent spent with Shoreside has double the value with satisfaction of the guests and myself.


M/Y KATARA, 124m Lurrsen


M/Y KISMET, 96m Lurrsen

Shoreside Support has always a pleasure to work with. Tommy typically looks after every delivery with a personal touch and great attention to detail. Every product I have ordered from them have been spot on, such as bluefin tuna, fresh fruit/veg, wagyu beef products, micro greens and beyond. The pricing is always fair and competitive with the markets, he will even provide a quote upon request for both guest and crew orders! I look forward to working with Shoreside Support in the USA and Caribbean every year!

Working with Tommy & Shoreside Support is always a pleasure. He is very consistent in getting me all of the products and tools I need, no matter the location or circumstances. Shoreside Support communicates and executes 100% of the time.


M/Y Savannah 83.5m Feadship


M/Y ARETI, 85m Lurrsen

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Shoreside Support is truly shaping the future of the yacht provisioning industry. Tommy personally tends to every order from me, turns up for the deliveries and ensures everything is up to standard. I was particularly surprised when Tommy even personally looked after all of our international needs. We were in a predicament in the Dominican Republic due to a short notice trip, while the DR requires at least 12 days documentation process to import food items. We almost ran out of time and ideas, but Shoreside came to the rescue.
Tommy took a flight from USA to Santo Domingo and collected everything on the island for us, delivered in time and in perfect form; organized in crates and in a refrigerated truck. I have never met another provisioning agent who puts so much personal care and attention into every single detail. Shoreside never gives up, gives 100% effort and are available 24/7. I would highly recommend him to any vessel looking for a reliable supplier.
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I would like to personally thank Tommy & Shoreside Support on behalf of M/Y Lionheart. I first met Tommy on the dock in Miami and could immediately tell he had a real passion for food and a professional customer service approach. We had a chat about the produce I use regularly and he was back two days later with a big box of great quality samples. His knowledge of local produce and ability to fly in seafood from Fulton Fish Market in NYC same day is very impressive.
Tommy’s enthusiasm for great quality service is shown by his personal touch. He is always available and will do his best to fix any last minute requests. When on a trip to Exumas, Bahamas, we had a large order flown down, which he personally traveled with to ensure that there were no issues. This is a personal touch that you don’t see often. I would recommend Shoreside Support to any super yacht in the industry.


M/Y Lionheart, 90m Benetti


M/Y GO, 77m Turquoise

Shoreside Support is definitely a premier Yacht Provisioning program. Communication is outstanding and the product offerings are impressive. We have faith in the Shoreside Team during high pressure times, they always get the job done.

In my line of work. I need to have the best of the best to be able to deliver world class, Michelin standard cuisine to my owner and charter guests, anywhere in the world, Tommy Baldwin and shoreside support give me that consistently time and time again, if you’re after world class product and world class service then look no further than Shoreside support.


M/Y ETERNITY, 65m Codecasca

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